My super Niko turns 4!

16 February 2012

I'm thrilled that my little party was featured on Amy Atlas today!  What an honor to be featured on the blog of such a talented and creative person!  Head over there to see more pics of Niko's party!

I wanted to share a few shots that didn't make it on the Amy Atlas post with you...  I have to say this party turned out so great!  I really tried to capture Niko's love of superheroes and personalize the party just for him.  I invited just 2 families to the party knowing that Niko prefers small groups and that he would have the most fun with just a small handful of friends.  Everything turned out so wonderful from the lovely vendors I used (see credits below) to the sweet friends that celebrated with us that day... it was a great day.

I want to do another post very soon as well showing you the book that my husband wrote and I illustrated for Niko called The Adventures of Super Niko.  It turned out so great, and I think it would be a fun idea for many!

Please visit these lovely vendors... their art is amazing!
Cake Topper: Palmer and Jane
Cake: Polka Dots Cupcake Factory
Tiny Tile cookies: Sunshine Bakes
Striped forks: Sucre Shop
Super Hero cookies: The Cookie Jar
Cupcake cups and favor bags: Shop Sweet Lulu
Niko's super hero shirt: My Little Legacies 
Felt Pow & Bam: The Wanna Be Crafter
Yellow poka dot bucket: Brodder's Tubs

I hope to have the paper goods up in my shop soon!!

ox, Jayme


  1. Everything looks awesome, Jayme!!! Congrats on being featured on Amy Atlas - it was well deserved!

  2. Jay! you are absolutely incredible :) you have such a gift for color and creativity. love you!

  3. I love your chevron background how did you do it?

    1. I would love to have this exact background!

  4. Seriously, one of the most original and creative super hero parties I've seen! How did you make the backdrop? Love every detail.

  5. LOVE. every. detail.
    well done, mama.

  6. Thank you everyone! The backdrop is a large canvas that I purchased at Micheals. I then had my husband measure out a zigzag outline for me (after I told him how thick I wanted the stripes, etc... He's much better with a ruler then I am! :) Then I painted the stripes with acrylic paints! The words are cut out of felt and I just stuck them on with double sided tape. I hope this helps!

  7. xronia polla! Everything looks incredible!

  8. I love this party so much! It is so pretty! Would you mind sharing where you got all of your cake stands and table cloths (the yellow chevron and aqua one)?