Noah Turns 4!

30 October 2013

  My sweet boy, Noah, turned 4 this weekend!  I had decided after last years over-the-top LARGE celebration, that this year I wanted something small and sweet.  Guys, it was wonderful!  We had the best day!  It was just our immediate family and one set of grandparents, a small table set up, and a day full of Noah and his favorite activities.  It turned out to be exactly as I had hoped... less running around frantic-ness for me, and more of a chance to focus on this little boy, who stole my heart 4 years ago.  Perfect.

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ox, Jayme

when life gives you rain... play in it

08 July 2013

Because sometimes you just need to play in the rain, to feel you're alive.
I hope everyone is having a happy day.

ox, jayme

Our Easter...

01 April 2013

I hope you enjoyed a peek at our Easter weekend.  We had an amazing time spending the day with our family and sweet friends.  I hope you each had a special day as well, celebrating life and love.

ox, Jayme


14 February 2013

Wishing everyone a great amount of LOVE on this valentine's day!

"only LOVE can do that"

21 January 2013

You know that ice breaker question people ask, "if you were to have dinner with any 7 people, dead or alive, who would you choose?  Well, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is on my list.  Happy Birthday, MLK.

Love, Jayme

Happy Holidays from Uruguay

10 January 2013

 I hope you all had a sweet holiday!  My little family returned from our travels in Uruguay a couple weeks ago feeling rested and full of love.  Half of our family lives in Uruguay so we feel so lucky every time we have the opportunity to go visit and enjoy our family, the beach, the sun, and the amazing foods and friends.  The highlight of our trip was seeing our Niko surf for the first time.  He stood on the first wave we put him on... this kid has talent!  Even I had a chance to surf some waves when "Abu" (grandpa) was watching the littles.  I can't think of a better way to have spent our holidays.  I hope you all had sweet family time as well!  I hope you enjoy the pics below!

ox, jayme