From the Studio : A Fabric Surprise

09 May 2011

It has been a long time dream of mine to design a line of fabrics... a line based on my own inspirations. I have designed textiles for others, but had never been able to get my own ideas out into the world. About a year and half ago I presented a line to Westminster Fibres (same company that produces Amy Butler's designs.) I knew the chances of getting in would be difficult as they receive several dozen portfolio's a day. I actually didn't get accepted as a licensed designer for them at that time, BUT they did find interest in my work. They asked me to design a line that they would put in stores to see how people received my style. Like I said this was almost a year and a half ago, and I didn't hear anything back, so I had figured they decided not to use my designs after all. Well, imagine my surprise as I was walking through Hancock's Fabric store the other day when I looked over to see MY FABRIC designs. I could not believe it. I even teared up! My husband looked at me and said, "you just achieved one of your dreams."

So, here it is! The line is called The Secret Garden and is full of flowers, butterflies, and antique keys.:) It is under the brand Top Drawer for Westminster Fibres. I'm not sure of where all they are being sold, but I do know they are at Hancock's fabric stores and online. :)

Thanks for letting me share!
ox, Jayme


  1. Wow Jayme - that's awesome!! What a talent you are. I guess I need to go check them out :)

  2. jayme- this is amazing! congrats!! they look adorbs and i love the new blog header, too!

  3. Oh Jayme, that's SO exciting! Congratulations!! Those are gorgeous.

    Jimmy won't be very happy, though... because it means I'll be buying more fabric :)

  4. I think I may have seen it at Michael's. :) Congratulations!

  5. Wow! I accidentally found your blog, from an image search looking for these fabrics. I absolutely love this line and I just made a toddler apron over the weekend, using the pink butterflies and keys diamond print as the skirt. I was trying to show someone the fabric, but the Hancock website is not letting me search properly - so I ended up here! Congratulations on your success, it really is a lovely line :-)

    ~ meagan