Summer Time!

07 July 2011

Photography credit: Rachel Thurston Photography

Well, I have to say summer time is in full swing here in lovely Texas. The days are 100+ degrees and my 2 boys are running circles around me with summer time energy. :) My blog posts will be a little bit spotty here over the next 2 months, as my boys and I try to enjoy some pool time, farmers markets, and picnics in the park! This is the stuff summer is made of, right?? You will still see me, just not quite as often. I should be full force again in Sept., along with a new site design as well, so keep checking back when you can! I hope you are also finding time to enjoy your loved one's and make summer memories!

ox, Jayme

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  1. enjoy your "summer hours". lil hoot is on hiatus, too. too bad we don't live closer!